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Defensive Pistol


Advanced Carbine Operator


10 hours

This course will enhance your previously learned skills as well as add advanced weapons handling techniques. Each student should have a fair amount of subconscious performance already learned prior to attendance. This course devotes more time to evolving your skills and creating more economy of motion and efficiency to your shooting platform.

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After completion of this course, the student will be able to quickly and accurately engage multiple targets, transitioning from primary to secondary weapons, move and effectively utilize cover, shoot from unconventional positions, and be exposed to both close-quarters shooting applications and firing under stress.

Focus Areas:

  • Fundamentals & Safety Review
  • Carbine Maintenance
  • Advanced Reloads & Stoppage Clearances
  • Shoot, Move, Communicate Drills
  • Multiple Threat Engagement
  • Conventional & Unconventional Positions
  • Bilateral Rifle & Pistol Operations
  • Primary & Secondary Weapon Transitions
  • Pressure Drills, Skills, and Standards
  • Course Qualification & Timed Events

Required Equipment:

  • Eye & Ear Pro (Electronics Recommended)
  • Gloves, Knee & Elbow Pads (optional)
  • Appropriate Clothing for Training & Weather
  • 1 or 2 AR-15, AK-47 style (Please Ensure Reliability)
  • 1 Handgun (Mid – Full-Sized Recommended)
  • Rifle Sling
  • Rifle Optic
  • Appropriate Magazine Pouches (chest or hip)
  • Magazines (3 Pistol + 4 to 6 Rifle)
  • Ammunition (500+ Rifle, 300+ Pistol)
  • Gun Cleaning Kit with Lube
Hunter Prep

Hunter Prep Course


8 hours

The Hunter Prep Course is for individuals, couples, or groups planning to hunt together. This course can be tailored to your hunt location and species. We encourage ethical shooting ranges and this course goes out to 1000 yards. In the Hunter Prep Course, you will train in various shooting positions and find out what works for you and what does not. You will practice shooting with your equipment the way you will use it on your hunt, under field conditions, not the way you have to do it at a traditional range or course.

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Please feel free to contact Skip Clarkin by emailing with any questions regarding this course.

Clinic Description – Held on Sunday

The Hunter Prep Clinic provides a full day of long-range shooting that allows students to improve their long-range shooting and spotting, refine the skills of shooting various positions with the gear they will use on their hunt. Distances, angles, weather, and wind conditions can change drastically in a matter of seconds.

Focus Areas:

  • Establish 100 yards or 100-yard “Hunters Offset Zero” for 200 or 300 yards zero
  • Develop proficiency in a snap shooting in full carry mode
  • Develop proficiency at moving quickly from full carry mode to different shooting positions
  • Determine which shooting positions in the individual hunter can use effectively and how far they can shoot accurately from the different positions
  • Develop proficiency in selecting hides and overlook positions they can stay in for prolonged periods of time and deliver accurate shots
  • Develop proficiency with the holdovers or come-ups out to their maximum ethical/practical hunting range
  • Develop proficiency in performing as a spotter for another hunter
  • Packing a loading for a quiet hike and to have gear where you need it when you need it
  • Understand how shooting apps and field data cards work for hunters
  • Understand how altitude and temperature affect trajectory and range
  • Glassing and spotting
  • Tracking and route selection

Course Details Flat Range:

  • Gear check, appropriate rifle, ammo, and optics, etc.
  • Establishing “Hunter’s Zero” (100, 200 or 300 yard zero)
  • Shooting positions
  • Gear positioning and carrying

Course Details Long Range Platforms:

  • Gear check, appropriate rifle, ammo, and optics, etc.
  • Confirming “Hunter’s Zero” (100, 200 or 300 yard zero)
  • Shooting positions
  • Gear positioning and carrying
  • Establishing a DOPE for hunting distances on platforms
  • Using your dope chart or app
  • Holdovers and come-ups
  • Shooting positions, sitting, kneeling, standing, improvised on long-range platforms
  • Determine max effective range/capabilities of shooter and weapon in various shooting positions
  • Rangefinding and glassing
  • Selecting and setting into a position
  • Long-range target acquisition, landmarking
  • After the shot

Required Equipment:

  • Rifle, .223 or larger (legal for game in the state you plan to hunt)
  • Variable Power Scope (No Red Dots)
  • 100 rounds per day
  • Bipod and/or Shooting Rest
  • Shooting Mat & Sand Bags (Optional)
  • Dope Book or Notebook
  • Eye & Ear Protection
  • Range Finder (Optional)
  • Binos & Spotting Scope (Optional)
  • Hunt Pack, Loaded for Hunting
  • Suitable Clothing for Terrain & Weather
  • Food & Water for 8 Hours
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