Realtor SafetyRealtor Safety

Realtor Safety Course

Realtor Safety Course


3 hours

We’re excited to bring you this one of a kind course for Real Estate Professionals! This 2-3 hour class is specifically designed for real estate professionals working in the marketplace. This class is about awareness and mindset for survival and prevention of being victimized, criminal mindset, tools for self-defense, resources for crime prevention, the use of technology to keep you safe and calling 911 properly to name a few. This 2-3 hour class will keep our realtors safe and more confident about doing their jobs.

Instructors: All instructors for this course are required to have NRA Certification and Prior Law Enforcement experience.

Focus Areas:

  • Personal awareness when hosting open houses
  • House security and awareness items to pass along to potential buyers and sellers
  • Use of self-defense options and tools available to you
  • Less-than-lethal defensive techniques and items that you can carry with you

Equipment Required:

Proper attitude and willingness to participate

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