Fingerprinting being done on a cardFingerprinting being done on a card




We’re excited to be able to provide general fingerprinting services as well as those required to obtain Concealed Carry Licenses. If you are taking a Concealed Carry Class online, need a fingerprinting card for a Commercial Driver’s License, or even for a background check for a new job, come see us! If you are attending one of our excellent concealed carry classes from a live professional, we can print you right on-site following your class. We provide the necessary cards, all you need to bring is a government-issued identification with a photograph.

Getting your fingerprints taken is easy! A fingerprinting session can be purchased the day of a class or in house as a walk-in. Just ask at the front desk and our staff will set you up with one of our licensed fingerprint technicians.

Fingerprint Clearance Cards

Fingerprinting Approval

In order to obtain your Concealed Carry License, in addition to participating in a training course, you must also obtain TWO completed fingerprint cards from a qualified fingerprinting technician. For Concealed Carry Licenses, they must be submitted on FBI form FD-258, which is the Blue Fingerprint Application card. In addition, the cards for Concealed Carry and general fingerprinting must be:

  • Classifiable
  • Not Smudged
  • Inside the Allowable Boxed Area
  • Unbent
  • Signed by the Technician and Person Getting Their Fingerprinting

Fingerprint Use

As part of the application process, your fingerprints will be used to check the criminal history record of the state of Arizona and FBI. The Arizona Department of Public Safety and the FBI may retain your fingerprints and any associated information after the completion of your application. While retained, your fingerprints may be compared against other fingerprints, including latent prints, as deemed necessary.

Criminal Record Challenge

If an applicant has a criminal history record, the official determining the status of your license must offer the opportunity to complete or challenge the accuracy of the information on the record. An applicant should be given ample time to complete, challenge, or deny taking action on the record before officials can deny the application. The FBI provides more information about the procedure to review or challenge criminal history information at on their website, under Identity History Summary Checks.

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