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Keep Busy With C2 Safety Training & Fun Courses

We offer premier firearms and safety courses in Scottsdale and Tempe, Arizona.

Regardless of your experience, we have the perfect things for you at C2 Training – Date Night, Enhance Your Skills, Simulation Training with Your Family & More.

Our brand new state-of-the-art ranges at Scottsdale/Phoenix and Tempe feature the most advanced ventilation system available, programmable action target carriers, and quiet backstop.

Protect Your Family

Learn More About Personal Safety & Concealed Carry Options

Personalized Training

Personalize The Training Your Need & Learn At Your Own Pace

All Levels Welcome

Fine Tune Your Carbine & Handgun Skills With Our Courses

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Introduction Courses – Handgun & Rifle

This course is designed for those individuals with little-to-no handgun experience. Following the classroom instruction, students will have the opportunity to practice the skills learned in class with live experience.

Advanced Training

Our “no ego” approach to instruction encourages you to advance your knowledge, skills, and attitude to a higher level. Students must be realistic about their physical condition and firearm handling skills if considering attending this course. These dynamic performance courses are designed to put the shooter through a series of challenging drills to measure performance on demand

Every Day Carry Courses

These are a must for all concealed carry citizens whether you are new to the concealed carry lifestyle or a seasoned armed citizen in Arizona, your time with us will be well spent. We have interactive courses that will expose you to the best carry for their chosen firearm but more importantly how to defend it, retrieve it, and shoot it, if and when the time comes.

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