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Mastering the Art of Shooting: The C2 Method

Shooting, whether it is with a camera, a basketball, or a firearm, is a skill that requires practice, patience, and precision. Learning how to shoot safely and accurately is essential, regardless of the context. The C2 Method, uses a stair-step progression that takes you from familiarity to mastery. The progression can be broken up into the following: safety, marksmanship, practical Skills, and application.


 Most accidents with firearms happen not while shooting on the range but when manipulating the firearm prior to or after shooting.  While loading or unloading your firearm, performing a conditions check, getting your gun out of your range bag or case, or performing a functions check after cleaning and maintenance, accidents typically occur when we are less focused than when we are preparing to shoot.

Our 100 level courses focus on familiarizing you with the different types of firearms and their components. Understanding how they work, how to load and unload them, and how to inspect the gun’s present condition are skills to be mastered. Each type of firearm has specific features, so learning about your chosen firearm is vital.


The ability to hit any target at which you aim, every time, should be the goal of every shooter.  Marksmanship begins with mastering the basics of stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger pull, and follow-through. Our 200 level classes focus on this skill set. We use dry practice, SIM time, and range drills to help you perfect your technique. The C2 Method is so effective that we get close to 100% of our students shooting a playing card on edge during this class. A remarkable achievement for any level shooter.

Once mastered, marksmanship can move to the next level when multiple shots are fired. Just because more rounds are being fired does not mean one should allow accuracy to fail. This “balance of speed and accuracy” is paramount for high-level performance.

Functional accuracy at higher speeds is the goal. This mandates a familiarization and eventual mastery of trigger reset, multiple site pictures, and recoil management. This is accomplished in our 300 level classes where we slowly speed up the action. Using the SIM, tempo drills, and target feedback on the range, we can assess any weaknesses with the basics and shore them up to insure good hits while at speed.

Practical Skills

Practical skills beyond marksmanship are things that can be applied on the range, in competition, or on the street. They include: drawing from a holster, speed and retention reloads, shooting while moving, and shooting around barricades. These skills are more manipulation and mobility with a firearm than static shooting.  However, it is critical to be able to still apply your functional marksmanship training while using these more dynamic skills. Our 400-600 series of classes introduces two practical skills per session so that you can properly train them before moving on to more complicated range drills. With The C2 Method, we are striving for high-level competency for every skill introduced.


 The C2 Method is designed to provide the skills necessary for any further firearms training. Whether you are a recreational shooter or are competition-bound, the skills developed at C2 will serve you well. C2’s CCW classes, USCCA courses, private lessons with our qualified staff, and use of our consultative program are recommended for those wishing to pursue firearms for personal protection and self-defense.

The C2 Method was introduced just over a year ago. So far, we have graduated more students through this program than programs in years past. Their performance on the range and even at advanced shooting schools is evidence of its efficacy. It all starts with The C2 Method.

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