Man pistol training outdoors | practicing fundamentals of marksmanship | ResolutionsMan pistol training outdoors | practicing fundamentals of marksmanship | Resolutions

Pistol Training in the New Year

Becoming proficient with a handgun requires more than just skill; it demands the right equipment and enough ammunition for effective practice. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter looking to enhance your skills, having the right tools is crucial. In this article, we will explore the basic equipment, training, and the recommended amount of ammunition needed to develop proficiency with a handgun.

Handgun Selection

Before diving into equipment and ammunition, it is essential to choose the right handgun. Consider factors such as your intended use (self-defense, target shooting, or competition), your comfort with different calibers, and the ergonomics of the firearm. Ensure that the handgun fits your hand comfortably, as this significantly impacts accuracy and control. C2 has many guns in our rental fleet that we recommend you try before buying.

Eye and Ear Protection

Protecting your senses is paramount during handgun practice. Invest in quality eye protection to shield your eyes from debris and spent casings. Additionally, reliable ear protection is crucial to prevent hearing damage caused by the loud noise generated when firing a handgun. Electronic muffs which allow one to hear, but cut down the report of a shot being fired are the best overall bet. They are also a great tool for the home in that you can turn them up and have “bionic” hearing if something goes bump in the night, as well as them protecting if you discharge your weapon. We carry Peltor and Walker brands at both C2 locations.  C2 also carries simple eye protection and cool guy wear from Oakley and other brands.

Gun Belt

A sturdy gun belt is often overlooked but is crucial for proper handgun carry. A purpose-built gun belt provides the necessary support to prevent sagging and ensures a secure and comfortable fit for your holster. Not just any belt will do. For safety and efficacy, you will need a belt designed for carrying a holstered pistol. Styles range from low-vis leather style belts to tactical ninja ones. C2 carries both for your convenience.


A good holster is essential for safely carrying and drawing your handgun. Choose a holster that securely holds the firearm, covers the trigger guard, and provides a comfortable and accessible carry position. The type of holster may vary depending on whether you prefer inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB), or appendix carry. Leather or Kydex holsters with passive or active retention are great options. Speak with C2’s sales force and sort out which is best for your needs.


The C2 Method of training takes you step-by-step through safe gun handling, to marksmanship, to rapid fire in our 100-300 level classes. This Basic Bundle of classes can be purchased at one time and with it comes a free private lesson. The basics class can be attended using our rental guns or one of your own. Our Practical Skills classes 400-600 will add more dynamism to your shooting as we now teach you how to draw, reload, shoot from behind barricades, and even shoot on the move.  For these classes, you will have to have all your equipment – gun belt, hostler, pistol, magazines, and magazine holders – to get the most out of these classes.


The amount of ammunition you will need depends on your training goals and the availability of resources. For beginners, start with a few hundred rounds of ammunition in the chosen caliber. As you progress, you may find it beneficial to purchase ammunition in bulk to reduce costs. Always prioritize quality ammunition from reputable manufacturers for reliability and consistency. C2’s full progression of all six classes will mandate close to 1000rds of ammunition in total. Ideally, you will shoot a minimum of between 3000-5000 rounds to develop real-world skills and proficiency.

Final Thoughts

Achieving proficiency with a handgun is a continuous journey that involves both skill development and proper equipment. By selecting the right handgun, investing in quality protective gear, and obtaining the necessary accessories, you set the foundation for successful and safe handgun practice. Remember to practice regularly, prioritize safety, and continually refine your skills to become a proficient and responsible handgun owner. C2 is here to guide, train, and help you every step of the way.

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