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The Advantages of Indoor Shooting Ranges

In recent years, the popularity of shooting sports has surged, leading to an increased demand for both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. Here in the Valley, there are multiple options for shooting enthusiasts. While outdoor ranges have their allure, indoor shooting ranges, like C2 Tactical, offer a host of advantages that make them a preferred choice for enthusiasts and novices alike.


One of the most significant advantages of indoor shooting ranges is the heightened safety they offer. C2 offers an enclosed environment that provides a controlled setting where factors such as weather, stray brass, or unexpected obstacles are minimized. C2 applies robust safety protocols, including reinforced barriers, certified range safety officers, and accessibility to classes that provide a secure experience for shooters of all skill levels.

Fresh Air

The greatest expense at C2 is our advanced ventilation system designed to mitigate lead exposure and maintain air quality. Our system efficiently removes airborne particles and contaminants, creating a healthier environment for shooters and instructors. The emphasis on safety measures not only enhances the shooting experience but also instills confidence and peace of mind among participants.


Though temperatures are quite pleasant now, summer and triple-digit heat is coming. C2’s indoor facilities are immune to the whims of weather. Whether it is scorching heat, freezing temperatures, heavy rain, or strong winds, indoor ranges provide a consistent climate-controlled environment year-round. This reliability ensures that our members can practice their skills, take classes, or participate in competitions regardless of external conditions.


C2’s ranges are closed only one day per year. That means 364 days of access to shooting on our range, with our two locations proximate to the 101 in Scottsdale and the I-10 FWY in Tempe, reduced travel time and logistical challenges, allowing our members to indulge in their passion without venturing far from home. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for beginners or individuals with busy schedules who may struggle to find time for outdoor excursions.


C2 Tactical locations offer a range of amenities on-site, including rental equipment, firearm sales, training classes, an on-site armorer, and lounge areas. These conveniences create a one-stop destination for members and the public, eliminating the need to visit multiple locations for various needs.


For those wanting to shoot away from the crowds, our Area 338 in Scottsdale affords a level of privacy and customization that outdoor facilities lack. Shielded from external distractions, shooters can focus entirely on honing their skills without interruptions. Additionally, indoor ranges often feature modular target systems, adjustable lighting, and sound-dampening materials, allowing for tailored shooting experiences to meet individual preferences or training requirements.


C2 offers the ability to shoot on your own, with friends and family, in a private lesson, or in one of our group classes.  Our digital targeting system also has multiple options including pre-programmed courses of fire, lighting options including flashing emergency lights, and interactive reactionary targeting. For training that exceeds our on-range safety protocols, we have SIM rooms where one can shoot, move, communicate, draw from concealment, and even perform protective drills that would be prohibited on the live fire range.

Final Thoughts

While outdoor shooting ranges hold their appeal, the benefits of indoor facilities are undeniable. C2 Tactical does our best to offer you the ability to develop your skills year-round. From heightened safety measures and weatherproof shooting to enhanced accessibility and customizable experiences, C2’s ranges offer a superior alternative for enthusiasts seeking a controlled and convenient environment. Whether you are a seasoned marksman or a novice shooter, C2’s ranges provide the ideal setting to refine your abilities and enjoy the sport to its fullest.

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