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Top 10 Firearm Accessories

Whether you are new to shooting, a novice, intermediate, or an experienced shooter, it’s important to have the right firearm accessories and gear to enhance your shooting experience, ensure safety, and maintain your firearms is de rigueur.

At C2 we provide you with a knowledgeable sales staff to answer all questions concerning the kit you need to maximize your performance on the range. Our retail floor is stocked with vetted and tested gear from numerous vendors from which to choose. And, if you cannot find what you need on our sales floor, we can order it for you from our online store.

Whether shooting pistols, shotguns, or rifles, firearm accessories and support gear are essential to maximize safety, performance, and fun.  Here are some recommended items for every shooter:

1. Optics

Optics have become commonplace on all platforms (pistol, rifle, and shotgun). They enhance capabilities, extend out to farther distances, and help those of us without 20/20 vision to shoot accurately.  Optics allow you to properly aim your firearm. Depending on your needs, ability, and platform, they can look like a simple iron sight and go to high-powered scopes. They include:

Iron Sights/Back-Up Iron Sights: Iron sights are a system of physical alignment markers used as a sighting device to assist the accurate aiming of a firearm. The earliest sighting device relies completely on the viewer’s naked eye. Standard on all pistols as well as on most rifles and shotguns, these are the minimum you need to shoot accurately while on the range.

Red Dot Sights: Red Dot sights are sights that provide an illuminated red dot to the user as a point of aim.  Red dot sights are fast-acquisition and easy-to-use gun sights for firearms used in civilian target shooting, hunting, or in police and military applications.

Holographic Sights: A holographic sight is a non-magnifying gunsight that allows the user to look through a glass optical window and see a holographic reticle image superimposed at a distance on the field of view instead of a simple dot.

Magnified Optics/Scopes: Magnified Optics and Scopes provide the ability to use magnification such as a telescope to increase the effective range of a firearm. Equipped with dots, reticles, or a combination they allow a shooter to see targets farther away and thus fire out to longer distances.  Depending on the gun, ammo, and scope shots out to 1000 yards and beyond can be accomplished using magnified optics firearm accessories.

2. Holsters and Slings

For handgun shooters, a proper and secure holster is the simplest and most effective safety device you can acquire. Keeping your pistol in a holster that secures the gun and prevents anything from touching the trigger is a significant aid in safety and safe portability.

For long guns such as rifles or shotguns, a sturdy sling is more than just a carrying accessory; it is a tool that enhances your mobility and stability while shooting. A well-designed sling allows you to carry your firearm comfortably and provides additional support for improved accuracy. It is an essential gear item for those who enjoy long days in the field or extended shooting sessions at the range.

Depending on your type of firearm, different holsters and slings can be easily mated to your specific model of gun.  For pistols, we recommend Kydex holsters and a properly designed gun belt for safety and portability. For long guns, we recommend Two-point or multi-mission slings for the same.

3. Lights and Lasers

If you care about general safety, personal protection, and legality in the use of firearms, a flashlight should be a mandatory purchase. Handheld light allows you to use the light to search dark areas, find your keys at night, and potentially blind an attacker.

Tactical lights are indispensable for low-light shooting conditions. Whether you are a law enforcement officer on duty or a homeowner protecting your family, having a reliable light source attached to your firearm can be a game-changer.

Laser sights aid in quick target acquisition, ensuring that you hit your mark with precision, even in challenging lighting situations. They also allow you to keep your eyes on the target rather than on a sight and can be a possible dissuading factor in self-defense within your home.

4. Grips and Stocks

Whether shooting a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, how the firearms fit, or interact with your body, is of utmost importance.  A gun that does not fit you will be much harder to manipulate or shoot safely, accurately, and effectively.

Ergonomic grips on handguns and adjustable stocks on long guns are essential for customizing your firearm to fit your hands and shooting style. A comfortable grip improves control and reduces fatigue during extended shooting sessions.

Adjustable stocks allow you to find the perfect length of pull, enhancing your overall shooting experience. Whether you prefer a traditional wooden stock or a modern polymer design, choosing the right grip and stock can significantly impact your accuracy and comfort.

5. Safety and Storage

Keeping your firearms properly secured (24/7/365) is the responsibility of every gun owner. There are multiple ways to secure your guns that do not allow unauthorized people to access them. Cable locks, biometric safes, and large vaults are all functional options. Choosing one that makes sense with your needs, the location where you store your guns, and the ability to access them if needed all come into play when choosing a storage method.

Investing in safety and storage accessories is paramount for responsible gun ownership. A high-quality gun safe provides secure storage, protecting your firearms from theft and unauthorized access. Trigger locks add an extra layer of safety, preventing accidental discharges. Additionally, proper storage solutions such as gun cases and ammunition containers keep your firearms and ammunition organized and protected.

6. Training and Education

No accessory is more valuable than knowledge. Enroll in a firearm safety and training course to enhance your skills and understanding of responsible gun ownership. Continuous education not only makes you a better shooter but also ensures the safety of yourself and those around you.

C2 Tactical offers a wide variety of courses. Our basic class progression takes you from the simple task of safety loading and unloading your gun to shooting a playing hard in half to shooting rapid-fire rounds while maintaining functional accuracy. Our practical-level classes add dynamic shooting skills such as drawing, speed reloads, and shooting while moving to your skill set. These classes will provide you with safe and effective use of your firearms and prepare you for higher-level application on the range, in competition, or in your home.

7. Ammunition

There is little you can do with a firearm without ammo. You cannot shoot. You cannot increase your skill set. And, you cannot have as much fun. Your choice of ammunition is as critical as the firearm itself. Always select high-quality, reliable ammunition that is appropriate for your specific firearm. Whether you are a target shooter, a hunter, or a self-defense enthusiast, choosing the right caliber and type of ammunition ensures optimal performance and accuracy. C2’s retail center has ammo in-stick for your specific gun and for your specific needs.

8. Suppressors

Where legal, suppressors (often mistakenly called – silencers) can reduce noise and recoil, making shooting more enjoyable and less disturbing to others. Arizona allows the purchase of suppressors for all firearms. Our retail staff can walk you through the process on-site using our automated kiosks and fingerprint station. Unlike many retail establishments, C2’s advantage is that you can, in most cases, shoot your suppressor on our range while the mandatory waiting period for processing occurs.

9. Personal Protective Gear

When it comes to shooting, whether it is for sports like target shooting or for personal defense, safety is paramount.  Keeping yourself safe on the range is an integral part of a good experience on the rage. At C2’s indoor facility, compression, noise, and hot brass are the most contentious issues for shooters. Here is a rundown of essential personal protection gear for shooting that we recommend:

Eye Protection: Safety Glasses: Protect your eyes from debris, spent casings, and other potential hazards. Look for glasses that meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z87.1 standards.

Hearing Protection: There are multiple options here to fit your comfort level, needs and budget.

Earplugs: These are inserted into the ear canal and provide basic hearing protection.

Passive Earmuffs: These fit over the ears and provide better noise reduction.

Electronic Earmuffs: We highly recommend these as they can amplify normal sounds while blocking out loud noises like gunshots. A great addition for the range and extremely useful for use in the home.

10. Cases/Bags/Cleaning Kit

A dedicated bag helps you organize and carry your firearms, ammunition, and accessories to the range. It also adds an additional layer of security while at the range, in transit, or in the home. Hard and soft cases with or without locks are available on-site and are mandatory on C2’s range.

Lastly, regular cleaning and maintenance are vital for firearm longevity and reliability. A cleaning kit with brushes, solvents, and lubricants is a must. If you need training in this area, C2 offers Glock Maintenance Courses, and both locations have on-site armors to help with any cleaning and maintenance needs. Wright Armory in Tempe and Valley Forge at our Scottsdale store.

Being a responsible and skilled gun owner goes beyond owning firearms—it is about investing in the right accessories, continuous training, and a commitment to safety. By choosing the best firearm accessories and gear tailored to your needs, you can elevate your shooting experience while ensuring the safety and security of yourself and those around you. Remember, with great firepower comes great responsibility; always prioritize safety and responsible firearm usage in your pursuits.




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